Mins is a racing game inspired by the sodaconstructor and sodarace. The objective of the game is to design a sodaconstructor model that will run across a terrain as quickly as possible.

I decided to write Mins after competing in sodarace for a while. I found that it was very easy to cheat in sodarace. At the beginning of the race, a model could have any speed, so combined with no gravity and no friction you'll always win. While competing in sodarace I discovered that there was a maximum speed which is 20 pixels/frame. It is impossible for anything to move faster than this in sodarace.

In Mins, the initial velocity for a model is set to zero at the starting line so it is much more difficult to cheat. Any model that touches the ceiling is automatically disqualified. By lowering the height of the terrain model any giant models will bounce against the ceiling and will be disqualified. In Mins there is no maximum speed, I have made models which move at 50 pixels/frame and faster.

Image of Mins.

Getting started

First make sure you have a recent Java version, which you can find here. You will need a terrain and race contenders. You can build both in the sodaconstructor. Export your terrain and race contenders to separate XML files. Load both the terrain and the contenders in Mins and the race will start automatically. When the contender is finished it will show you the time in frames.

Here is an example terrain and an example contender. You can find the Mins project page here.

You can find my contact details in the About box in Mins.

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